VIRAL COFFIN DANCERS (internet meme legends)

VIRAL COFFIN DANCERS (internet meme legends) – Hi om dan tante semua, Makasih banyak dah mau berkunjung ke blog ini. Kali ini, saya di web akan sharing berita dlm bentuk vidio yang mantap yang menunjukkan pada anda VIRAL COFFIN DANCERS (internet meme legends). Silahkan ibu dan bapak tonton vidionya dibawah ini:

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Have you ever seen that viral internet meme of the guys dancing with coffins at a funeral? Well, the group is from Accra, Ghana, and I was able to track them down the other day and tell you their unbelievable story of how it all started.

The main guy, Benjamin Aidoo, first got the idea to turn a funeral into a celebration about 20 years ago, and today it has grown into a massive business with over 100 people working for him.

Benjamin and the guys have a really interesting perspective of death. Instead of mourning the deceased, they decide to make it a huge celebration to bring happiness to their lives. What do you guys think about this concept?

What an amazing experience to meet the viral coffin dancers and learn about their lives. I have a feeling that this won’t be the last time you will see them!

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