What Kylie Jenner’s and Other Celebrities’ Lockers Might Look Like

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A lot of perks come with being a celebrity, but there are many sacrifices too. For one thing, some young celebs never had the chance to do the traditional things high school students do this time of year, such as planning for the homecoming dance, sporting their new back-to-school wardrobe in the halls, and the all-important ritual of decorating their lockers.

Locker decorating is essential, since lockers are one of the few places at school where students have the opportunity to express themselves. The pinups, stickers, and other accessories kept there can tell you a lot about the locker’s owner.

That said, take a peek at how we envision the lockers of Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, and Kylie Jenner.

Taylor Swift

Swift, now 26, was homeschooled for her junior and senior years, because she was already working on her music full-time. She completed two years of studies in one year flat, with a 4.0 grade point average. Until then, the excellent student went to public school in eastern Pennsylvania, where she has said she was bullied for her interest in country music.

“When I picked up the guitar, I could not stop,” she told Rolling Stone in March 2009. “I would literally play until my fingers bled — my mom had to tape them up, and you can imagine how popular that made me: ‘Look at her fingers, so weird.’ But for the first time, I could sit in class and those girls could say anything they wanted about me, because after school I was going to go home and write a song about it.”

Shelves full of music awards, millions of records sold, and a few celebrity boyfriends later, the “Shake It Off” singer is getting the last laugh.

We imagine her locker would feature a couple of those awards — I mean, she’s gotta be running out of room for them at home by now — and, yes, her guitar, so she can write another chart-topping song whenever the mood strikes her. If she ever needs inspiration, she can just look down at crossed-out pinups of her most recent boyfriends, Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston.

The “squad life” poster is a reminder to Swift that even though she’s been bullied in the past, she’s now exceedingly popular with the celebrity set, including Selena Gomez and models Karlie Kloss and Cara Delevingne. And look! There’s a cat poster, reminding the cat lover to “Hang in there!” during tough times, like when one of her frenemies starts trouble on Twitter. The calendar is for her Type A personality, obvs.

Miley Cyrus

Like her Instagram feed, Cyrus’s locker is full of pizza, references to her charitable Happy Hippie Foundation, and her gig as a judge on The Voice. The marijuana leaf, the yoga mat, and the vegan sticker are a nod to her own hippie lifestyle. A photo of the singer’s fiancé, Liam Hemsworth, looks out over all the chaos.

Cyrus never set foot in a high school as an actual student. (Her cameo in High School Musical 2 doesn’t count.) From the time she won the lead role on Hannah Montana at 11, she was tutored on set.

But now, with this locker, she finally has “The Best of Both Worlds.”

Kylie Jenner

While Miley’s locker is full of colorful details, Kylie’s is pretty straightforward. She loves Tyga (for the moment anyway), her Kylie Lip Kits, and taking selfies in her full-length mirror. Her locker would most definitely have good lighting for all the photos she would snap there and spontaneous Snapchat sessions.

Jenner, 19, actually had a locker for a while. Remember when she was a cheerleader at L.A.’s private Sierra Canyon School? She switched to being homeschooled in 2012 and earned her diploma from a distance learning school in 2015. (But it wasn’t like it was a big moment for her or anything, since she’d already purchased her own $2.7 million home five months earlier.)

For a while before her graduation, there had been rumors that Jenner was a high school dropout who was more focused on being a celebrity than on her classes, but she shot down that theory on Twitter.

Do you think that means Jenner is headed to law school with her big sis Kim Kardashian?

Yeah, probably not.


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