Sonja Morgan Breaks Down ‘Dark’ Season of ‘Real Housewives of New York City ’

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Any true Housewives fan knows that Season 8 of The Real Housewives of New York City was a franchise best — and is most likely still exhausted from all the drama. It’s been two weeks since the conclusion of the reality show’s combative three-part reunion, and now that the dust has settled, who better to scoop it up with than RHONY’s fun-loving star Sonja Morgan?

“Well, it wasn’t my favorite season because it was dark,” she confessed to Yahoo Celebrity. “I felt it needed a little more of Sonja’s humor, and I was upset with Dorinda [Medley] because she iced me out of the Berkshires [trip], which was three episodes. I felt they could have used a little comedic lift. She took it upon herself [not to invite me]. I gave it to [Dorinda] at the reunion, and she gave her lame excuse.”

That’s right. It’s now Sonja who has a list and is checking it twice to make sure nobody in the RHONY cast takes her down. First on her naughty list is Dorinda Medley, who at the reunion promised she would work on rebuilding their friendship and trust.

“Dorinda calls when she wants something, usually invites or to meet somebody,” revealed Sonja when asked if their relationship was back on track. “And then she plays this holier-than-thou thing like she wants to protect me, and that was very flimsy. Nobody believed her when she said that. I’ve been on the show for so long, I don’t need protecting from my friends! She’s the newbie! You can just tell how duplicitous she is because everyone knows I don’t lie.”

Sonja continued, “She brought Jules [Wainstein] on [to the show] and practically fed that girl to the wolves. And then she wants to act like she’s there to protect her when she brought her on? The whole concept is duplicitous. You can’t act like you’re there to protect people but then you put the girl on who has an eating disorder and a marriage that’s falling apart.”

Jules, RHONY’s newest addition, was very open this season about her battle with anorexia and bulimia. She is also going through a contentious divorce with her husband, Michael. But Sonja’s gripes with Dorinda don’t end there.

“Then you introduce Luann [de Lesseps] to a huge playboy,” she added. “Clearly, if Sonja Morgan is fooling around with him on the down low, he’s not marriage material. Come on.”

Luann is still engaged to Tom D’Agostino Jr., though he cheated on her a week after his proposal (he was caught making out at a bar with another woman) and the scandal nearly tore them apart. Complicating things further is the fact that Tom went out with both Sonja and her co-star/sometime-BFF Ramona Singer prior to meeting Luann.

So where does Sonja’s relationship stand with the rest of the ladies? We’ll let her break it down, starting with Luann.

“Luann and I have always had issues with guys, and I’ve always said I won’t let a guy come between us. There was the pirate who was my date for that party in St. Barts — you know, I invited the pirate,” she said. For those who need a refresher, the pirate in question was the “Johnny Depp lookalike” Luann hooked up with while dating boyfriend Jacques back in Season 5.

“Then there was Harry. They left me at the party and went out together,” Sonja noted. Harry would be the infamous real estate investor Harry Dubin, who also dated several past Housewives members. (Hence the line “Tom’s the new Harry” was thrown around a lot this past season.)

“Luann’s my friend. I know that guys can be guys,” she said of the situation. “But I’m flabbergasted sometimes when it’s going down. She’s sitting there at the reunion saying I’m delusional, and I’m like, ‘Oh my God.’”

Still, Sonja says she plans to be in attendance at Luann and Tom’s New Year’s Eve nuptials.

“I think we get through everything,” she said. “We always are going to be friends. We’re going to be friends the next 35 years. She needs to get down that aisle, that’s it. She needs to get the ring on. She needs to get on with the wedding. I’ll be there. She wants me there too, of course. We’re friends! Other than these men, Lu and I are very cool. I’m not a judgmental person, and she isn’t either. She really isn’t. She’s sensitive — people call her names, but I don’t.”

The name calling came mostly from Bethenny Frankel this season, but even after the Tipsy Girl debacle, in which Bethenny accused Sonja of infringing on her Skinnygirl brand with the new liquor line, Sonja says she and Frankel “are cool.” (In case you’re wondering, Sonja says Tipsy Girl “will be flowing soon” at her Tipsy Girl restaurant in NYC.)

However, she’s not cool with Ramona. That’s right. Ramonja is currently on a break.

“People miss [Ramonja] because Ramona and I together could just be so silly, fun, and trusting … But when you lose that trust, that’s hard,” she explained. “I’m not talking to Ramona. When we wrapped, I thought we were cool because she reached out to me and wanted to help me, and then I thought she was being duplicitous as well. I saw she was saying s*** about me and Tipsy Girl when she was shooting with Dorinda. Besides, they both wanted in on Tipsy Girl themselves … so that hurt my feelings.”

But perhaps we will get a Sonja and Ramona resolution next season.

“Yes, I’d come back,” she said of Season 9. “If Bravo wants me and it works for me and my kid, I’m back.”

For now, Sonja is focusing on Tipsy Girl and making her stage debut in an off-Broadway play called Sex Tips for Straight Women From a Gay Man.

“It is right up my alley … I mean comedy, that’s me,” she said of her new gig. “They asked me to do it. I was like wow … I had experience acting as a model back when I was younger, but I really couldn’t do it back then. I went to FIT [Fashion Institute of Technology] here in New York, so I really had to sink my teeth into my day job [in], as they say, my chosen field. But I always loved entertaining and doing my Caburlesque, writing those skits.

She continued, “I produced my movie … I always remained in entertainment, although I was in the fashion industry. It’s all come full circle between being on the show, my fashion-lifestyle brand, and being off-Broadway.”

We can’t wait to see which housewives will be in attendance to support Sonja on opening night, Oct. 1.


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