Quantico Recap 1/30/17: Season 2 Episode 10 “JMPALM”

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Quantico Recap 1/30/17: Season 2 Episode 10 "JMPALM"

Tonight on ABC their hit drama Quantico airs with an all-new Tuesday, January 30, 2017, season 2 episode 10 and we have your Quantico recap below. On tonight’s Quantico, Season 2 episode 10 as per the ABC synopsis, “Owen (Blair Underwood) teaches the recruits a lesson about betrayal that includes trying to get the Venezuelan consul to turn on his country; and, in the future, Alex (Priyanka Chopra) teams with Miranda (Aunjanue Ellis) to save the hostages while President Haas plans to end the crisis once and for all.”

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Tonight’s episode of Quantico begins with Miranda and a very confused Alex riding in the car through the city. Miranda basically kidnapped Alex from the FBI after informing she announced that she is one of the terrorists.

Apparently, Miranda and the terrorists are not the AIC group. Instead, they set up the entire hostage situation to weed out members of the AIC and stop them before they take over the world. In the

In the car Miranda explains that they are headed back to the terrorist location. Alex Is shocked that there is a secret entrance in to the building where the hostages have been held this entire time. Flashback 10 months

Flashback 10 months

Alex and Ryan are not in a good place, especially now that Ryan hid that he had been recruited from the AIC. Meanwhile, Alex received a phone too. She gets an ominous text message on the mystery phone, it reads, “Your patience will be rewarded.”

Meanwhile, Harry is on to both of them. Harry steals Alex’s phone from her and accuses her of faking getting recruited to throw off Ryan.

The CIA students head to class and Owen teaches them a lecture about planting seeds of doubt. At the end of his lecture he states, “Your patience will be rewarded,” which definitely catches Alex’s attention.

After class Ryan receives a phone call from Rayna. She tells him that they have direct orders from Miranda to remove Alex from the CIA training camp before she screws up his mission. Present Time

Present Time

Shelby is trying to hold down the FBI offices, Claire Haas arrives and kicks everyone out. Once they are alone, Claire tell Shelby that she needs her help stopping the air strike. Then, she drops a bomb on Shelby and reveals that she helped form the rogue CIA group. Flashback 10 Months Ago

Flashback 10 Months Ago

Owen gives the CIA students their new mission – they are trying to take down a Venezuelan delegate named Gabriel, and get access to his confidential financial records. After giving them a few hours to do research, Owen announces that he is sending the class to Venezuela. Present Time

Present Time

Miranda and Alex arrive at the secret entrance to the hostages, Rayna is there waiting for them. Miranda thinks that Rayna is on her side and is going to help them get the prisoners out before the air strike, but she pulls a gun on Miranda instead.

Up in the FBI office, Claire explains to Shelby how she got involved in the AIC. She recalls that it was her first year as Senator, and she met a drunk DOD agent that shared with her the black-list FBI budget. Claire helped him pass a bill and 10% of the money went to a secret training group, which she had no idea would turn out to be the AIC. Claire doesn’t want news to get out that she helped fund the AIC, even though it was not intentional because she could lose the Presidency.

Flashback 10 Months Ago

Alex, Ryan, and the CIA agents head to Venezuela on their mission. Ryan and Sebastian go under cover as investors and meet with Gabriel. But, Gabriel knows that Alex and Sebastian are not who they say they are and he kicks them out of his office.

Meanwhile, Alex and Harry decide to use another tactic. They have a more personal approach, and they decide to go after Gabriel’s husband and hi daughter. They tell his husband that Gabriel has fled the country with their daughter, and he may never see her again unless he helps them get Gabriel’s files. Their plan seems to be going smoothly, but Ryan is determined to sabotage them.

Present Time

Rayna rants to Alex that Miranda lied to her – and she told her when they took hostages that no one would get killed, and that was not the case. All Miranda cares about is getting the drives from Lydia, she doesn’t care about the innocent hostages. In a flash, Miranda grabs Rayna’s gun and takes Alex hostage with it. Alex fights Miranda off and leaves Rayna to watch her, then she rushes inside to save the hostages.

Flashback 10 Months Ago

Dayana and Leon have officially kidnapped Gabriel’s daughter – Alex and Harry use her as leverage to get the files from Gabriel’s office.

Alex knocks out the guard while they are upstairs and then lures Ryan in to the room and handcuffs him to the passed out guard. There’s no way the CIA will let him continue training after he gets arrested. It looks like Alex has officially chose the mission over her fiancé Ryan. Ryan shouts at her that she’s crazy, but Alex believes that Ryan would have done the same thing to her to get her out of the CIA. Alex realizes she is making a mistake and Harry manipulated her and she sets Ryan free.

Harry isn’t thrilled when they get back to the CIA camp and sees that Ryan and Alex are reunited. He warns Alex that it is only a matter of time before Ryan turns on her and chooses the mission over her.

Present Time

Claire is still begging Shelby to help her cover her tracks with the AIC. Shelby doesn’t want to get involved, she tells Claire that she needs to own up to what she did and stop stalling and call of the air strikes before more innocent people die.

Flashback 10 Months Ago

Leon marches in to the safe house and tells Rayna that he knows that she and Shelby are FBI and they are investigating the CIA and the AIC. Leon says he will help the FBI and tell them everything he knows, he wants out of the secret rogue group.

Owen marches in to Alex’s room and demands she hand over her secret phone. Alex does as she is ordered, and thinks that Owen is the leader of the secret group. But, it turns out that he is not, and he wants to take down the group. Owen orders Alex to tell him everything that she knows or else he will have her arrested for espionage.

Meanwhile, Dayana, Leon, and Ryan head to their first official AIC meeting – and the leader is none other than Owen’s daughter Lydia.

Tonight’s episode ends with Claire Haas finally doing the right thing and calling off the air strike with just a few seconds to spare as Alex slips back in to the building to save the hostages.



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