Quantico Fall Finale Recap 11/27/16: Season 2 Episode 8 “ODENVY”

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Quantico Fall Finale Recap 11/27/16: Season 2 Episode 8 "ODENVY"

Tonight on ABC their hit drama Quantico airs with an all-new Sunday, November 27, 2016, season 2 episode 8 and we have your Quantico recap below. On tonight’s Quantico, Season 2 episode 8 as per the ABC synopsis, “At the Farm, Lydia (Tracy Ifeachor) and Owen (Blair Underwood) teach the group about lying and cutting off relationships; and, in the future, Alex (Priyanka Chopra) and company set out to destroy the biological weapon.”

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Tonight’s episode of Quantico kicks off with Alex in the bunker with some of her former CIA classmates.  She makes contact with Shelby and tells her that she has some people she trusts with her – they are going to try and disable the job.

Flashback – Ryan is meeting with Neemah in the safe house.  Alex is upset because they are having secret meetings behind her back, and she hasn’t heard from her handler Shelby in weeks.  After Alex leaves, Neemah and Ryan get down to business.  Ryan was recruited by the AIC, but Alex has no idea that they chose him.

The reason Alex hasn’t seen Shelby is because she has been hooking up with Leon and doing her own under cover work.  Shelby and Leon are lying in bed at a nearby hotel, Thanksgiving is coming up, they chat about their families – obviously Shelby doesn’t tell her the truth about her parents.

Alex meets with Doyle at the bar behind Ryan’s back.  She tells Doyle about the burner phones and laptops that she found in Owen’s house.  She thinks that Own is in charge of the AIC.  Harry Doyle agrees to do some snooping in England while they are off for Thanksgiving break.

At Owen’s house, Lydia tells him that the CIA finally granted her request for another tour and she will be leaving soon.  She wants to spend some time with him over Thanksgiving before she leaves.

Present Time – Alex, Doyle, and the other CIA students are looking for supplies in the old police bunker to disarm the bio weapon.  Whether it is viral or bacterial, all they need is to apply enough heat to it to kill the live cultures.

Raynah is taken in to a room and tied to a chair – she’s shocked when one of the terrorists come inside and takes their helmet off, it’s her sister Neemah.  Neemah is a proud member of the AIC, she sits down and tells her sister that she needs to start fighting for herself and what she believes in, the Americans would deport her in a day if they could.

Shelby can’t trust Miranda, she takes an army sergeant aside and tells her that she has Alex on the inside and she can help diffuse the bomb.  The sergeant doesn’t want their help though, she tells Shelby to have Alex lie low, they have everything under control.  Something is definitely off.  A few minutes later, Miranda takes Shelby aside and plays a recording for her.

A few minutes later, Miranda takes Shelby aside and plays a recording for her, it’s of the army sergeant.  The army is planning on dropping a drone on Liberty st. to end the crisis, they’re killing everyone, even the hostages.

Miranda confronts the army sergeant.  Shelby shouts that they can deactivate the bomb with Alex’s help.  The Sgt. Scoffs that Alex isn’t a miracle worker, the drone is striking in 48 minutes.  If Alex can diffuse the bomb before the 48 minutes are up, then she will call off the drones.

Flashback – It’s Thanksgiving break, the students all head home to visit their families, but they have made up cover stories about where they have been.  No one can know they were recruited by the CIA.  Harry Doyle heads back to England.

Meanwhile, Alex is upset because Ryan is pulling away from her and won’t tell her what is going on with him and Raynah.

Dayanah refuses to go home, she doesn’t want to have to lie to her family and then leave them again without notice.

Owen returns home but Lydia is out.  He goes through her bag and finds her orders from the CIA, saying what her next job is.

Present Time – Alex, Doyle, and Sebastian are crawling through their air vent of the building and trying to get to the bomb without the terrorists discovering them.  Their plan goes awry when Sebastian drops the canister they needed to make a blowtorch.  They split up, and Doyle heads back up stairs to find another canister.

Flashback – Alex tracks down Shelby and Neemah, she demands to know why they are meeting behind her back and no one is telling her anything.  Shelby confesses that she went back in the field and is making headway.  Alex is being pulled from the mission, she failed.  Miranda was supposed to be the one to tell her in a few days.

Meanwhile, Ryan is on a mission.  The AIC has him running around in the woods and is contacting him via text messages.  They are testing him.  He receives a text message and it tells him to take down a man, he ties him up and leaves him inside the office.

A few minutes later Leon arrives, he was recruited by the AIC too.  He receives a text message telling him to kill the man that Ryan tied up in the chair.  Afterwards, Leon shows up on Shelby’s doorstep with blood on his hands, he confesses to her that he just had to kill someone.

Present Time – Alex and Sebastian find the bomb.  They were played by the terrorists, the bomb isn’t going to kill everyone in the city.  It’s set off to kill everyone in the building that they are holding hostage.

Alex and Sebastian rush back to the bunker to call the FBI and tell them what they found.  On the way, they meet up with Doyle, Leon, and Dayana.  Chaos ensues, they are all surrounded by the terrorists and forced to drop their weapons.

Flashback – Alex and Ryan meet up at the safe house.  Ryan doesn’t want this mission to come between them, he gets down on one knee and takes out a ring and proposes to her.  Alex is thrilled, and says “yes.”

Lydia packs up to leave the farm.  Before she goes, she finally gives her dad Owen what he has been looking for – the reason he got dropped by the CIA and they won’t put him back in the field.

Miranda finally shows up to tell Alex that she is off the job, she made arrangements for alex to go back to work in NYC.  Alex informs her that she is not leaving, she is staying at the CIA training camp and she is going to find the AIC herself without the FBI’s help.

Ryan receives another text, he’s ordered to go to a barn in the middle of the night.  Leon and Dayana are waiting for him, they all realize that they were all recruited by the AIC.  All three of them receive a text showing each of them participating in killing the innocent man earlier in a video.  The message says that if they break the AIC’s trust, they will destroy them with the video.

Present Time – One of the men dressed in black drags Alex down the alley and throws her in a room.  He pushes a button and lasers cover the doorway, the terrorist tells Alex that if she crosses the lasers, the bomb will go off and kill everyone inside.  He takes his helmet off before he walks away, it’s Ryan…

The End!


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