Jessica Simpson’s Father Joe Simpson Treated For Prostate Cancer

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Jessica Simpson’s Father Joe Simpson Treated For Prostate Cancer

Jessica Simpson’s father Joe Simpson is suffering from advanced prostate cancer. Reports indicate that the former manager of Jessica and Ashlee Simpson is recovering from surgery after having been diagnosed with prostate cancer nearly two months ago.

Sources close to Joe Simpson say that not only did his prostate surgery go well, but that he’s back to working as a photographer.

Joe is no longer as close to his daughters Jessica Simpson and Ashlee Simpson as he was before, but they are helping him make the necessary changes in order for him to move past this cancer diagnosis and treatment that has rocked their entire family.

“This is a blessing in disguise for Joe,” a source close to Simpson tells ET. “It has opened his eyes to eating healthier and exercising. This diagnosis has brought Joe and his family together and reminded him that what matters most is family.”

It’s without a doubt that both Jessica and Ashlee were completely blindsided by their father’s news. The two Simpson sisters have had a rather lukewarm relationship with their father ever since he divorced their mother Tina Simpson and announced that he was in fact gay.

In fact, Joe isn’t even part of his grandchildren’s lives either. Jessica Simpson in particular couldn’t forgive her father for not only destroying their family, but for absolutely breaking her mother’s heart and living a lie for so many years.

Sure, signs might have been there that Joe was gay and it’s without a doubt that Joe and Tina had their turbulent years in their marriage, but no one expected him to get up and leave and then completely change his lifestyle even before the ink could dry on their divorce papers.

But now that Joe needs his family again, Jessica and Ashlee have no choice but to be there for their father, no matter how painful it might be. Even with all of his embarrassing mishaps over the years and how he might have been the reason why Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey divorced so many years ago, the fashion maven is willing to put that all behind her and focus on helping her father regain his health and his life back.

Tell us CDL readers, do you think Jessica Simpson and Joe Simpson will now have a closer relationship after this cancer trauma? Will Joe be welcomed back into the Simpson family should he survive? Let us know what you think in our comments section below and of course, check back with CDL for all the latest news on Joe Simpson right here.

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