How to Get Away With Murder Recap 11/17/16: Season 3 Episode 9 “Who’s Dead?”

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How to Get Away With Murder Recap 11/17/16: Season 3 Episode 9 "Who's Dead?"

Tonight on ABC their hit drama How To Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM)  airs with an all-new Thursday, November 17, 2016, episode and we have you How To Get Away With Murder recap below!  On tonight’s HTGAWM season 3 episode 9 as per the ABC synopsis, “Annalise (Viola Davis) argues with Nate after getting a tip about Renee Atwood. Meanwhile, the victim of the fire at Annalise’s house is revealed.”

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Bonnie had thankfully found a way on tonight’s winter finale to get Frank put down the gun however she had done so by telling him that she had lied before and that their night together had met something to her. But that had come as a great shock to Annalise. Annalise had never even suspected that there might be something between Bonnie and Frank. So she was surprised to say the least and then she was just annoyed. Annalise apparently hadn’t cared enough about Bonnie and Frank’s to stick around and see what she could find out. And so she decided to leave Frank in Bonnie’s capable hands.

Bonnie has been working for Annalise for so long that she knew how to handle Frank now that Annalise wouldn’t forgive him. So Bonnie did as she was expected to do and she allegedly sent Frank not long after she patched up. However, Annalise never verified that claim because that’s how much she trusted Bonnie and so she didn’t bother withholding what she believed. Annalise later told Wes that was gone and that he wasn’t dead so that had assured Wes though it hadn’t been enough for Laurel. Laurel had told Wes that they couldn’t take Annalise at her word anymore and that she could have killed Frank so that caused a fight.

Wes didn’t seem to care if Annalise was lying again and Frank was dead while Laurel did. So that sort of ruined the celebration for them. The whole Law clinic had passed their exams and they had gotten champagne from Annalise for their hard so the class was celebrating. Even the rest of Keating Five that had wanted to drink their troubles away. Though Wes and Laurel merely couldn’t stop talking about Frank. They had gotten in an argument because Laurel thought Wes was too trusting and it was true. Wes, after all, had thought that Laurel was telling the when she said Frank didn’t know about their relationship.

Yet, there came a point in their fight where they both decided that they needed to stop talking about Frank. They had still been at school and they were supposed to be celebrating their passing grades. So Wes had tried to do that, but he had gotten a call from his lawyer. His lawyer believed that Wes needed to sign a few more things and so he did as the police instructed by telling Wes that he needed to come down to the police station. The police however, were lying. The police had only said it was about his testimony to get Wes to come down to the station and then they suddenly asking him about Annalise and also Rebecca.

Rebecca’s body had been found and the police were willing to give Wes immunity if he testified against Annalise. But Wes hadn’t been sure about that. His lawyer had advised to take the immunity while he could still get it and Wes had fired the man for trying to pressure him into accepting something. So Wes was representing himself when the cops came back with the agreement they were offering and he hadn’t thought much of it. Wes had said that immunity didn’t fully protected him and that he would actually need blanket immunity before he signed anything. And they had tried telling him that they couldn’t offer that.

The cops had known that the District Attorney’s office would never agree to such an agreement and that may have been why Wes had decided to make that counteroffer. However, Nate had seen Wes at the police station and that had reminded him of what he recently heard. He heard that his girlfriend A.D.A. Rene Atwood was investigating Annalise. So Nate hadn’t thought Annalise’s accusation had been genuine until he saw Wes being brought into an interrogation room, but what’s strange about the investigation was that it wasn’t even an investigation. They had found a body out in the woods and just assumed Annalise had been to blame because Renee had told them so.

Renee however had started to become Single Black Female with Annalise. First, she had started dating Nate then she had gone to Annalise’s hairdresser and had said that she was Annalise’s friend. So Annalise hadn’t known what Renee was doing and she had confronted her. She had wanted to know why the ADA was suddenly showing up everywhere and so she Renee had alluded that she had an ongoing case against Annalise. Though how is that possible? Renee hadn’t talked to Nate who was a detective in her office and so all she had to claim was that she had an anonymous source. And that didn’t really name names.

Yet, Renee had worried Annalise by what she said and so Annalise began to panic. Annalise went to Nate to see if he was the source and he had denied that though that had put him on his guard and had been the end for Annalise. Annalise no longer believed that she could get out of the latest scrape she started drinking amongst other things. Like destroying her laptop and burning all of her case files. So Annalise had gotten so messed up that she had gone to see Bonnie for comfort and her had done as expected. Bonnie had given her hot soup to sober her up and she had also assured Annalise that they could figure something out tomorrow.

Only Annalise had crossed a line with Bonnie. Bonnie had been putting her to sleep and Annalise had kissed her. So that could have been because Annalise had still been a little out of it or it could have been because she needed someone to be her new Eve. But the kiss hadn’t led to anything so Bonnie had been able to tuck her in and later Annalise woke up to any empty house. There hadn’t been any signs of Bonnie so Annalise decided to handle things by herself and she made a few calls. Annalise had called Wes and had left him a message to come to the house the as soon as possible. And then Annalise had called Laurel so she told Laurel to get everyone to meet at the house.

The problem with that though was that no one was able to come. Asher had gotten drunk because he knew Michaela was mad at him, Michaela was stuck because her mother had wanted to crash at her apartment, and Connor didn’t have his phone. Connor had apparently left his phone at Michaela’s house and so only two people got Annalise’s message. Laurel and Wes. Wes had listened to the message when the cops had left him to see what they could do about his agreement and Wes had thought something was wrong because of how the message sounded. The message as Annalise was frantic. And she was.

Annalise had gone to Oliver to wipe her computer clean and she was going to go back to her house to tell others that she was under investigation afterward. However, what looked like an explosion happened and someone was confirmed dead. So Annalise rushed to the scene to find out who had died and while the cameras made it seem like Nate could have been the person under the sheet – the body that firemen pulled out was really Wes. Someone had killed Wes and had started the fire to possibly hide the evidence yet none of that mattered because Wes was dead!

And unfortunately, there’s plenty of people that could have killed him.



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