Could Kim Kardashian’s Social Media Presence Have Played a Role in Robbery?

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Kim Kardashian has returned to New York City after being tied up, gagged, and robbed at gunpoint early Monday in Paris.

The reality star, 35, reunited with husband Kanye West, and the scene outside their apartment looks as if President Obama is inside. Clearly, Kim has already beefed up her security team after five masked men held her up and took $10 million worth of jewelry.

TMZ has frightening new details about the incident. Apparently Kim — who was only wearing a robe at the time — was dragged from her room by her ankles and feared she was going to be raped. Her hands were then zip-tied and she was placed in the bathtub, where she pleaded for her life. According to the report, Kim told the police the men spoke only French, but she could hear them yell out “ring, ring.” They were obviously looking for the massive $5 million diamond ring Kanye recently gave her. She showed it off on social media three days ago:

But who was behind the attack? Some are questioning whether the robbery was an inside job, since it looked as if the thieves had intimate knowledge that she would be alone at the private residence (known to locals as the “No Address Hotel”) she was staying at while in town for Paris Fashion Week.

“[The family] is going to examine every angle,” a source close to Kim and Kanye tells Yahoo Celebrity.

However, it’s not hard to imagine that the perpetrators could have come from outside the Kardashian inner circle, either. Could Kim’s willingness to share every detail of her life on social media have played a role in the robbery?

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The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is very active on all social media platforms, so it’s easy to keep track of her movements in real time. In fact, she was Snapchatting at the hotel while her main security guard, Pascal Duvier, was out.

Pascal accompanied Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian to a Paris nightclub while Kim stayed behind. A source told People she was fine with him leaving because she already felt safe and secure back at home. It’s no secret who Duvier is. On Sunday, she even tweeted his photo:

Whether this was a crime of opportunity or a thought-out plan from the inside remains to be seen. However, it is no surprise that Kim was a target, given her Elizabeth Taylor-like jewels. Kim has flaunted her Lorraine Schwartz sparkler more than once on social media.

“If you’re constantly putting information out there, keeping your name in the public eye … keeping details of your wealth in the public eye, then you are … increasing the chances of a possible attack,” a security expert told People. “It wasn’t something, like, they were just walking down the street and said, ‘Oh, I heard that Kardashian was here. Let’s just go in and rob her.’ This was an organized attacked based on known information.”

The exact items stolen from Kim have yet to be revealed. However, it’s clear she is not wearing that massive rock in the photos of her today in New York City.

So what does this mean for Kim’s travel and social media tactics from here on?

Just last month, she told Vanity Fair  that she is the mastermind behind her social media posts because it’s so important to her to be authentic. And let’s face it, being social media-savvy has helped shape all of the Kardashian-Jenner careers, so it’s not as if being completely private is something Kim is used to.

“She is just grateful to be alive and back with her family,” the source told us. “She is rattled and rightfully so. I’m sure it’s something she will think long and hard about moving forward.”


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