Celebrate Hugh Jackman’s 20th Wedding Anniversary With His 7 Best Wifey Instagrams

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Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness celebrate 20 years of wedded bliss. (Photo: Getty Images)

Two decades is a long time to be married — but in Hollywood years, it’s practically infinity. Enter Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness, the golden couple from the Land Down Under, who celebrate 20 years of marriage today.

The actors first crossed paths in 1995 while filming the Aussie TV series Correlli. Furness was 39 at the time and Jackman a precious 26. Apparently, despite the 13-year age gap, the attraction was instant. Though Jackman reportedly tried to play it cool by not asking her to marry him for at least six months (that’s right, his grand plan not to come on too strong was to wait a full six months before popping the question), he failed and asked her after four.

They married on April 11, 1996, adopted two children to complete their family, and defied Hollywood tradition by living happily ever after. To celebrate their 20th, here are our favorite seven Instagram posts he’s shared alongside his blushing bride…

Photo: Instagram

1. “20 years ago on this day,” Jackman wrote beside a gorgeous black-and-white snap from their wedding day, which he posted this morning in honor of their milestone. Beyond the obvious sweetness of this shot, have you ever seen a more beautiful couple? We didn’t think so.

Photo: Instagram

2. But this isn’t the first time Wolverine has gushed about the missus. Two years ago, he posted another glowing shot from the day they became husband and wife. “One of the happiest days of my life!” he declared alongside a photo showcasing his bride’s megawatt smile. “If only topped by the birth of our kids. #thedebs #happyanniversary #family.”

Photo: Instagram

3. It wasn’t all glitz and glamour, however. “First day of our honeymoon, April 1996. #TheDebs #TBT,” he wrote alongside a pic that showed the pair casually dressed and looking absolutely in love. Deborra holds a huge bouquet in her arms, which we’re going to assume came from her dashing groom.

Photo: Instagram

4. There’s really nothing to say about this beyond adorable vintage pic of the pair. Basically, they are the cutest. “Once upon a time….,” Jackman wrote.

Photo: Instagram

5. Twinning! In a killer throwback shot, Jackman posted a pic of the pair during a questionable fashion phase. (That said, they’re still such beautiful people, their style choices hardly matter.) “Clearly, Debs and I were rocking the same hairstyle for a time!” he joked before asking #DO or #DON’T = #DON’T. Looks like he answered his own question.

Photo: Instagram

6. Apparently, the couple went through an all-American high-school phase as well, even though she was nearly 40 when they met and they are both from Australia. (Basically, they can do anything.) “Happy Valentine’s Day!” Jackman declared. “MyDebs #M&M.”

Photo: Instagram

7. And perhaps the sweetest post of all came about a year and a half ago when Jackman shared a shadowed pic of the couple from a glamorous event that he couldn’t place — but it didn’t matter because where they were was hardly the point. The point was who they were for each other. “With my love. Can’t remember when this was taken,” he admitted. “Always side by side. Always will be.” 

Bravo and amen.  


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